alaska's labyrinth
i'm tori. 19. chicago suburbs.
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September 6, 2013.
This is where I fell in love with you.The cold wind blowing past as an incentive to get closer and keep warm.The frogs and crickets quietly cheering as we sat and watched time go by.The feeling that anything was possible, and time was infinite.
But nowThe cold wind blowing is only a bitter reminder that what is once is not always.The frogs and crickets quietly laughing, mocking me for believing that I could hold onto something so special.The feeling that nothing is true, and time is just a reminder that every second that ticks forward is just a second closer to the ending of something.
We can die in two ways.Mentally, and physically.And my mental life is here, holding onto the hope and love that you once filled me with.Looking back, I see everything.I see nothing.
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